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FLW, Inc. was founded in 1971 to function as a sales representative. Since that time, we have continued to operate as a sales agency, and have broadened our services by expansion and acquisition. Throughout this period, we have not lost sight of our mission to be a leader in the market of Physical Test, Measurement, Calibration & Control.

At present, we provide coverage in a sales capacity as both a representative and distributor. Additionally, we also service and calibrate the products we sell as well as providing calibration services for a wide variety of instrumentation.

Years ago we recognized that our task was not to simply represent manufacturers in the Northern California territory. Product selling remains important, but we realize that our customers are purchasing "solutions" and not just hardware or software. Therefore, if we are to provide these solutions, it was imperative that we participate in a much broader scope of activities. FLW, Inc is pleased to provide; application assistance, training, on-site installation assistance, calibration and repair services, and local stock to meet critical delivery situations.

One of primary elements in providing solutions to our customers applications is the feedback which we are provided. Any input which will assist us in becoming a better vendor is solicited and appreciated.

FLW, Inc. provides ISO certified sales, service and calibration for physical measurement, test & control.
North California Office :- 285-A Bel Marin Keys Blvd - Novato, CA - 94949 PH: (415) 382 - 9710 FAX: (415) 382 - 9720
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