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Lion Precision introduced the world’s first capacitive, noncontact measurement system to the commercial market in 1958. Today, companies large and small throughout the world depend on our products for their critical measurements. The addition of our eddy-current sensing products division in 2001 has radically increased our ability to assist our customers in their continuing quest for more precise, flexible, and reliable measurement systems.

Lion Precision Product Offering

  • Capacitive Sensors
  • Eddy-Current Sensors
  • Label Sensors
  • Spindle Error Analysis
  • Dynamic Runout Sensors

Lion Precision Eddy Current Sensor

Lion Precision Eddy-Current Sensors

Lion Precision Capacitive Sensors

Lion Precision Capacitive Sensors

Lion Precision Label Sensor

Lion Precision Label Sensors

Lion Precision Spindle Error Analysis

Lion Precision Spindle Error Analysis

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