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Quality is the essence of any sales, calibration & service operation. Consistent procedures which are constantly monitored must be in place to allow us to conform to Z540.3-2006 and ISO 10012-1. We understand that you share these concerns for high quality and want you to feel comfortable with our program.

FLW Inc. functions as a manufacturer's representative, distributor and service operation. This combined set of talents allows us to better serve both our customers, as well as the firms for which we sell. In these capacities, the quality of the service which we provide is of paramount importance. It is imperative that we provide products and services which "meet or exceed" our customers expectations.

Although it is unusual to find a representative or distributor which has enough dedication to quality to conform fully to ISO 9001:2008, that is exactly what we have done at FLW, Inc. We realize that in today's market that our customers are demanding more from their vendors. Their products are expected to arrive "just on time" and be free from defects. We understand that need and also understand why more firms require - in fact, mandate - that their vendors conform to ISO regulations. For this very reason, FLW, Inc & FLW Service have modeled our operation in such a manner that we not only conform to ISO, but to Z540.3-2006.

Our primary quality document, QA 100 Rev. 12.1, is linked to this page for your review. Please feel at liberty to print it for your review and reference. However, it is imperative that we note to you that this document is copywritten and any reproduction for purposes other than review of our procedures is forbidden. Please also note that any printing would constitute an "UNCONTROLLED COPY" of this manual.

A printable copy of our current ISO Certificate can be viewed by clicking here.

Comments and questions on the manual or the many supporting documents referenced in this manual may be directed to our quality manager.

FLW, Inc. provides ISO certified sales, service and calibration for physical measurement, test & control.
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